Monday, January 5, 2009

#28. The birth!

Lorelai came over three weeks ago. It was a great thing! It started off rocky, cold as hell, and we got the most nastiest food from Hardee's we've ever had.

Got everything started, and rolling, about 1230, she was at 3cm and fully effaced, they called for the anesthesiologist, and by the time they got there, she was 10cm and ready to go! They couldn't even sit her up to do it. So she had to go natural, none of the other painkillers worked, and she had to do something I've only heard about. So she gets an award for that shit!

And then I saw her, and she's so cute, I have a link I'll post here soon of her picture album.

The only thing that sucked worse is when we brought her home, I was sicker than a dog, so in that nice crucial bonding time, I was too sick to hold her.

But she is sooooooo cute!