Friday, September 12, 2008

22: The expanding continues!

So I'm looking at my naked wife after her shower today. And WOW is she getting huge! I couldn't be more enamored with her right now! It's so nice to see her come into true form, she's easily gained several inches in belly in just a few short weeks. And yes, her butt, and breasts have swollen as well, much to my desire!

It's awesome to watch it week by week, if you get the chance, I highly recommend paying close attention to your SO next time she is pregnant!

Also, we put together the playpen to try it out, and we had a blast, or I should say *I* had a blast trying to put together the changing shelf on the playpen, it didn't fit right at all, so wifey to the rescue and she fixed it and made it work, and I like it. Maybe I'll have some pictures soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

#21: Been a long's an update

Ok, so its been a month or so, and a lot has happened since then...let me bring you up to speed.

The ultrasound is clearer this time, so much so you could see the pelvic muscle to the side of the labia. Yes, its going to be girl number 2! We made the joke that the sister of one of Dee's friends is making the football team (all boys) and we're working on the cheerleaders. As disappointed as I was to find out the sex (which means I can't get snipped right away *fumes*), I'm not going to love her any less. She's still my kid. At least now we have a new plan that makes it so maybe we'll look into another one. If not its on my brother to "carry on the family name"

And who's to say that I have to anyways? Or that my daughter can't. Why can't she? What if she keeps her name? (Why she'd do that is beyond me, hell, I even thought about adopting my wife's name! How the hell can telemarketers fuck up Roberts?)

Also, we're having the baby I forgot what day it is. But I'll have it soon. I hope. I know its in October.

And since we're having another girl, I get to teach women about cars. These two will be able to restore or at least work on their own cars by the time they know how to drive. At least I want them to know enough to change their own tires, or be able to figure out whats going on in a car by the sound/vibration it makes. Which reminds me, I need to tweak the alignment in my car.

This one already has one disc of music education that she's listened to, and I have the second for her. What I'm doing is putting a bunch of music mixed together, and going from there.

Well, thats it for now, hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff to blog about. Oh, hey, I have some stuff to put together...