Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A change is on the horizon...

So I went to classes for the first time in over a decade today. On three hours sleep. Wow, I'll NEVER do that again! First class went great, can't wait, can't wait even more so to get my tools so I can start playing with stuff in labs, RAWK ON!

I also decided that since my tuition includes use of the gym and weight room, I'm going to do something. Every single day that I'm in class, I will also spend some time in the gym. First six weeks are just going to be cardio, the next six weeks, strength training, from there on it will be one week cardio, one week strength, I'm going to take some pics, and post them this week, and post every week until I'm out of school, hopefully something awesome will take place.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lost in another cup of hot tea...

So I'm sitting here a little more jubilant. My father-in-law is doing much better, the blockage is fixed, he's got color in his skin for the first time in almost a year. I'm almost ready to start school, plus I have a refund of about $2600 coming back, less books. Things might finally be looking up. I can only hope it gets better! I'm also looking into getting back into a band, a little something to do, in a different capacity YET again. Bass and vocals. Interesting. We'll see where it goes, because I hope these guys are open to playing many different genres, including newer stuff.

So I write now, realizing I forgot the under-rated list...on purpose? Hell, who knows, but here it is.

Sitting and getting lost in the music in the headphones. There is no greater pleasure then just experiencing feelings without the interaction from other people, just to sit, feel everything, the breeze of the ceiling fan, the light of the room, the music pulsing the eardrums, the vibration you feel in your head. Turning it down a bit because you realize that's too loud for the current state of things. Singing along because you got lost. Having the wife look at you funny, and then back to the lost.

A bubble bath so hot it turns your skin bright red. Or just a little less than that. As long as it's so hot the muscles relax for a time, that's where it's at!

Top 5, 10, 20 lists. I like them, I don't know why, I quantify many things in my life with these style of lists. I am also currently in the midst of making a Top 1000 list. The top 1000 songs that I would want ANYONE to hear no matter what age they are. From 1909 to 2009...or as far back as my collection goes. I don't think I could do it in 100. I'd be so fucked! I have so many I'd like to put on there, but so many have fallen off the wayside that it's hard to cut more!

Good friends, good pills, good times, good drinks, and good food. There is no ailment or problem that any singular item or combination of any the above can't solve or make better in moderation.

Metal. Any form of music that uses a heavily distorted and awesome minor key and totally rocks your world with words and music of anger is constructive, fuck the naysayers and the horse they rode in on. Life isn't all sunshine and unicorns and rainbows; sometimes life is downright mean, nasty, dirty, skanky and fucking dark! Metal channels that anger and somehow turns it around in the reveling of that darkness to make it back into light, or maybe it's because it balances out the happy pappy crap in this world with a brutal dose of reality straight to the temple. For more of an example of what I feel about metal, listen to Facing What Consumes You, We Still Fight and This Is Now by Hatebreed. It's a start.

Grunge, while technically more of a fashion statement than a musical movement, it still had some good music in there, no, I'm not just talking about Nirvana, there were lots of great bands of that era, because it's in the ear of the beholder, I'm not going to make a list here. But listen to some music from 1987-1995 and you'll see. In reality I feel grunge was an offshoot of metal, but more on the glam side of it and hair side on the Cartesian chart of metal scope. I'd draw one out for you, but I'm not that talented. Let's just say the four extremes would be Pop on the right, Obscure on the left, Heavy on the bottom, Light on the top. Hatebreed would be somewhere around -2x and -4y on a scale of 10. Nirvana would be more of a 3x, 4y on the scale. POD would be 10x 7y thing. Motorhead -10y and -4x. No question.

Facebook. I dig it, it's a great way to stay in touch, a great way to plan, because almost everyone I know is on facebook, so instead of having to shoot out the same text message 4-5 times because of the 10 contact limit on it, I can just post a facebook invite and let everyone sort it out from there. Plus it has LivingSocial which has a Top 5 list app, and I love it!

The Nightwatchman/Tom Morello, a lot of people write him off as a cut-rate Bruce Springsteen, and I say he's got something different there, he may be influenced highly in that project by him, but I don't see it as a copy.

Street Sweeper Social Club, yeah, another Tom Morello project, but this one is more like Rage, with less of the Audioslave feel. Bootsy Collins doing funk-rock!? WOW! I'm standing in awe, I'm impressed!

A few more over-rated things: The Cure, Pop music, Music video networks that show reality shows; That's not what the fuck you're there for! A spotless house...that's a neurosis not healthy!

Well, breakfast is needed to get the day up and moving, and I'm going to be putting on some tunes to rock out with in the kitchen. Time to rock it out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lost in a cup of hot tea...

Sitting here as a sentient being, or at least I am during this cup of French Vanilla tea, reading MetroDad, and pondering about things that I feel are over-rated or under-rated.

I'm also thinking about the procedure my father-in-law is going for today, and readying myself to be able to leave at the drop of a hat to go to the VA to be there if he goes downhill. I think he is one person that I'd want to be there for in passing now. I don't think this is going to go well, and that's not a wish, that's just an observation, the man has been in dire straits for the last two years now. I'm hoping it turns around for him, he needs some more good things to happen to him. I love the man, he is a bright beacon of optimism in a world that has long gone dark. He's often said he won't go out without a fight, well, he's had one hell of a fight, and he's still only hope however, is that he still has some fight left in him. So I'm a little preoccupied here, but oh well...onto the lists.

Reality TV...Please, more whiny ass teens or young adults acting like teens! Really, you're going with that again? Oh spare me the agony and just kill me now! I believe there is a separate circle in the hell I don't believe in for the concept writers of these so-called reality shows. I'm tired of hearing about Jon & Kate, The Duggars, and anyone else who is a brood mare for the state multiple times over, like they're a freakin star because their uterus is a gumball machine. I'm not impressed, if you have all those kids naturally, and I don't mean by implanting 40 eggs in your uterus. I'm trying to find the word for 40 kids but I keep finding singles dating sites for "40-somethings" or solutions to math problems. It's too early! Don't even get me started on American Idol, we'll be here all day!

Flavored tea, or more specifically, Flavored tea with the lack of said flavor. If my tea is french vanilla, dammit, it'd better taste like french vanilla, not like vanilla scented potpourri in a cup. I'd like to submit to these companies, the idea of a high-flavor line, because I'm sorry, the older I get, the less sensitive my tongue is...hence why I over hot sauce my KFC until I get heartburn from it, and by the by, when the fuck did I start getting heartburn?! Am I falling apart!?

Ailments. Since when did it become the status quo to advertise so many drugs to cure so many ailments, I'm tired of seeing it, and I don't like hearing about your erectile dysfunction issue on TV. Isn't there someone you're supposed to talk to about this, that like, gets paid for doing such talking, and then he offers you something for it? Dealer...I mean doctor?

Country music. Since when did country music appear on Fuse?! Dammit, there needs to be another new music channel, and this one CAN'T fuck it up! We music fans need a damn good music channel, something we can watch music videos from the dawn of the music video, to the latest hard rock and metal stuff we can find. I'm sorry, MTV, MTV2, MTV Hits (which kicked fucking ass when it was MTV X but sucks now), VH1, VH1 Classic, and Fuse all dropped the ball when it came time to start putting music that was on the fringe into our minds. These stations have all but become irrelevant being as they only reflect the zeitgeist and not the desires and the new, fresh attitude I'm starting to hear on some of the fringe website radio shows. It's nice to hear something that isn't on 24/7. I'm starting to think, that just as 24/7 news networks destroyed media, 24/7 music networks destroyed music. Even these bands that are starting to break are just sounding like a tired-ass retread of the shit I heard six months ago. And speaking of which...

Now! that's what I call music...what are you, on #75 now? Hang that shit up, everyone downloaded those songs and subsequently deleted them several months ago. Should be renamed Now! That's What I Downloaded Six Months Ago #75.

24 hour news networks. I could see if you did 24 hours of newsworthy stuff, like I dunno, covering the war? I remember the first gulf war, the national networks broke into their daytime drama and went off for primetime and late night, but came back in the morning and did their thing, they reported as often as possible with new shit, they didn't retread the same blurb of news about some dog being lost in Alabama for 45 minutes. I'll watch some of the news programs on MSNBC or CNN, but other than that, I have better things to do with my DVR time, like record Jon Stewart or Bill Maher.

Well, I'm going to crash for a bit before the little one wakes up and needs my undying attention again today, we've had a clingy time lately.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Trials and Trepidation...

I awoke this morning at the ripe old hour of 3AM to the sound of my wife giving my daughter a tongue-lashing, because she woke her up for chocolate milk. My wife yelled and screamed at her.

It would have been okay except for the fact that we both were in a deep death of sleep. It was great, better than I could have imagined, and it would have been very refreshing aside for the interruption.

What propensity do children have to wake up at 3am and want chocolate milk all of the sudden? I'm failing to understand first-grader logic.

All I know is, I can't wait until she's back in school, where she'll be more than ready to crash and sleep all night at 8pm.